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  • A simpler wardrobe

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Simplify your little ones wardrobe,
and your life.

Life with kids can be unpredictable, but their clothes don't have to be.
Keep it simple with quality clothes designed to make growthspurts easy-breezy.

Chasing ever-changing kids sizes?

So was our founder Shan, so she teamed up with her seamstress Mum to fix it. Our clothes are locally made in the highest-quality materials, with some clever design that gives
your little ones a better fit for longer.

Designed to grow - Thoughtful design means less restricted movement and awkward fits as they grow.

Hard wearing - Fabrics that withstands everyday adventures with ease, and looks great too.

Heirloom Quality - Timeless looks and durability make our garments perfect for passing on.

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Abby River Pinky-Promise

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How do the clothes fit as our kids grow?

No gimmicks here, just good design.

We make clothes the way our grandparents' generation did - with room to grow built into the design (pants you can roll up, extra rows of snaps, seamless armholes) - using the most durable, natural materials that will stay looking their best even with extended wear.

How long will these clothes fit for?

An Abby River outfit will fit your:

  • infant for 6-9 months
  • toddler for 12-18 months
  • big kid for 1-2.5 years

Find the perfect size here.

Where are these clothes made?

All our items are designed and produced in the KZN Midlands.